God Calls Us Friends

I am snuggled down comfortably in the arms of God. I feel His Presence surround me. His pleasure fills my heart with a bubbling brook of joy that flows outward in steady streams. He speaks to me in gentle, tender Words, encouraging me, guiding me, calming my fragile nerves. He is the object of my passion and it thrills me and leaves me breathless that He returns my ardent desire with a force far greater than my own meager offerings of love. He created me for Himself and knows my every thought, yet loves me still.

The nearer I draw to Him, the more of Himself He reveals to me. With him I reach no limits. His mysteries are forever unfolding before me and I pant for more; my longing, more than longing, my obsession, is to know Him more. From morning til night, and even as I sleep I am attentive to His thoughts toward me and His will for my life. His amazing grace and perfect love take my breath away again and again. I am in awe that God calls me His friend!

Our Insecurity vs Our Identity


In my walk with God, He sometimes leads me to read/listen to the perfect passage of scripture, chapter in a devotional, or sermon prior to a trap that I am about to fall into, and it enables me to avoid it all together. Other times, typically when I am dealing with a reoccurring weakness or defect of faith, I am given the lesson After the stumble, driving home the need to be more vigilant against negative emotional or thought patterns that seem to be etched deeply from the path having been trodden time and time again. Only in the aftermath of a situation am I able to absorb a truth; only when the lies that have a way of raising their voice, have wrecked havoc on my emotions, do things calm and quiet to a degree that the whisper of God can reach my ringing ears.

Today, a chapter, and more specifically a passage from the book, The Best Yes, by Lyda Terkeurst, was God whispering to me. ‘You are safe. You are cherished. I am still on the throne. All is well. You are not going to drown. I see you. I know you. I love you. I can be trusted.’

I had already floundered and found the edge of the pool yesterday, but literally woke up with an emotional hangover from having allowed my insecurities to choke me into a panic yesterday. This morning was a perfect time for reflecting and recognizing what caused me to stumble.

“That’s the thing about insecurity. When it grips us, the very thing we need most- truth-is the very thing we have a hard time grasping. There is a sad and startling statistic about drowning: almost half of all drownings occur less than 80 inches from safety. I can be close to truth but still be drowning with my insecurities. I can have true sitting on my nightstand. I can have it preach to me on Sundays. I can have it sent to me through the you version Bible app. Yes, life-saving truth can be so very close. But grasping onto it and standing on it and letting it shift my thinking away from panic-that something that requires truth to be more than just close.

That requires truth to be inside me, guiding me, rewiring my thinking, and whispering, “safety is right here. And security will stop choking you when you remove its grip. Insecurity only has power over you when you allow it control over your thoughts….

We must let our identity, not our insecurity, be the first thing that walks into every situation we face- every decision we make.”

Just Another Day on the Job

Last Friday night with my ladies watching War Room was great fun! A church prison ministry came out and set up the screen. They brought candy, popcorn, wings and hot dogs. During the pre-movie fellowship I was mindful to move from resident to resident and group to group to spread my love around. I have to make sure each one feels valued and appreciated. Each woman and I have our own connection.

I love them all!

Being a mother of one child, I always wondered if I could love another child with the same depth I love Forrest. Working with these women gives me a taste of how easy it would be. I believe that each individual woman here knows I see them and I love them. They are like my sisters, my friends and in some ways my daughters. So thankful for each and every one of them and the blessing they have been in my life.

Divine Interruptions

Always be on the lookout for why God is interrupting your plans!

Just as I am putting in my ear plugs and heading to the weight room at the gym last night I get a call from work. I left the wrong receipt books. The PA doesn’t have keys to my office. I had to go back in. I figured one of the ladies needed me for something and that’s why God had scrambled my brain, but when I arrived all was well.

They were serving dinner so I chatted with them and made myself a tuna croissant, which is odd, because I thought I was done eating for the evening and am off bread. I almost walked out without making one, but a few were eager to share with me, so I obliged.

Pulling off the exit to come back to the gym, God’s purpose came into focus. A man holding a sign. The couple of bucks in my purse and sandwich were for him.

Don’t think God won’t inconvenience you to feed one of his hungry children (literally and metaphorically speaking), because He definitely will. It’s part of what we are here for.

Jesus asks, ‘Do you love me?’ If we answer yes, the next thing we will hear is, ‘Feed my sheep.’

Life is Good

Waking up in the arms of Jesus, reading and praying, soaking in the Spirit while sipping coffee on a comfortable bed, going to a job I adore, with coworkers I am building friendships with and residents that each have a special place in my heart, coming home and taking care of my dogs, doing chores, visioneering about the dreams God has placed in my heart, long workouts at the gym and phone conversations with someone I love, an occasional social or outing with a friend or a traveler, an impromptu adventure with just me and Jesus, a bit of travel. Its a simple life, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundance of my blessings.

There is this crazy peace that comes in when I look back over the storms in my life, and notice there are a few raging still, and realize I have been/am being trained to master life under great strain. More than ever I see His wisdom in having allowed painful and prolonged trials in my life.

Grief has a way of carving out a deeper capacity for joy in a persons heart.

God amazes me every single day with how He has a way of infusing every detail of my life with beauty, even suffering. He loves me with such fierceness it just about crushes me sometimes.

I serve an extravagant and romantic God.

Sometimes I am thankful for the problems that arise, if for nothing else they remind me that I am not home yet. They ground me to the earth and cause me to be mindful that there’s still a lot of people that need to know how much God loves them. How can we, who experience His grace and mercy, not burn for others to experience it too?!

God, help us to remember that we are to comfort others with the same comfort we have received and receive those you send us to as if we are receiving Christ himself; with love and acceptance.

You can read a short post about the ‘residents’ I am referring to here: https://desertroseinbloom.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/steppin-back-on-the-blogging-train/

I Can Fly!

The other night in my dream, I was teaching someone how to walk on water. They picked it up fairly quickly. Then I was flying around in the air and asked if they wanted to learn to fly. This is a reoccurring dream for me; flying and also the next part. In teaching someone else to fly, I always only have to keep my hands on them for my faith/belief to be enough to keep them up in the air beside me.

Friday night my dream was in such vivid detail. I held one of her hands and put one arm under her body, as if I was teaching her to float in water. We were up in the air. I was saying, ‘Its fairly easy just to hover over the ground, but moving forward requires more.’ All that was required was to fully believe and will oneself forward in the direction that is desired. She wasn’t able to fly on her own in this dream. Also, I noticed it took more concentration on my part to propel forward while keeping her beside me. I told her it is easier to walk on water because at least the body and mind are used to the act of walking. To fly, one has to retrain the mind and dig in on a whole new level as it isn’t even a natural position for the body to float in the air using only the effort of the will. ✈

Nice! In the spirit I am a ‘flight instructor!’

Picture is my son goofing around on a road trip 6 years ago. YESSSS! He can fly too!!!

April Adventures: Part 1

April was full of adventure, travel, meeting new people and transitioning for me. God has been enriching my life, asking for my trust and continued patience, and encouraging me to rest while waiting for the fulfillment of some of the dreams and visions I have been battling for.

A recent Elevation sermon confirmed what God has been showing me; I am entering a season of rest, minus the battling, in my waiting.

Excited! I am battle weary and ready for an oasis of just letting go and patiently waiting while God does His thing.

In the mean time, God is showering me with blessings! There have been a few bumps in the road emotionally for me as I am being given new lessons on casting my care and walking in grace, or more accurately having what I have already been learning for years and years stretched to the breaking point, only to have my heart expanded by God to handle the strain of the continued pressure that’s been applied.

Also in April, I stepped out in faith and quit my second job, giving me 2 days off a week! Yay! I am working on a start up business/ministry vision, traveling, hosting travelers, spending more time in the Word and with Jesus, and building relationships with my extra time.

I am off today, and after my morning God time, have a full day of forward momentum in Christ planned. May has been and is going to continue to be an amazing time of continued growth and opportunity to be used by God.

Plus, Forrest, my now 19 year old son, will be home around the 26th for a whole month! Woohoo! (Click on ‘Single Parenting’ catagory on my home page for a slew of posts about Forrest if your interested)

A Forrest picture:


I can’t wait to see what all God is going to do!

Stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts chronicling my recent adventures to Charleston, New York, and Ashville. Also, I plan on sharing a bit about some of the travelers I have been hosting through Couchsurfing. And of course, I will be gushing about what all God is doing in my life, as well as blogging what I hear Him speaking to me.


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