Push in? Pull back?

As some of you already know I recently began leading a group that meets at the local woman’s shelter. The first week we met I gave my testimony and afterwards there was a lot of prayer, healing and ministry to the women.

One women, desperate for work, was connected with a lady that attended from our church who offered her a job. She has now been employed for several weeks.

We ended up staying until 10pm because God was moving mightily that night.

The next week, the day before I was to teach, flash flood warnings were issued across the city. The Salvation Army was hit. The room where the boys and girls club meet was flooded. The next week they began meeting in the chapel due to flood damage to their meeting room.

Two sisters staying at the shelter came my first night teaching and were a tremendous blessing to all in attendance. They were both highly anointed and operating in the gift of prophecy and wisdom. One shared how on the night of the flood several signs were given warning them of the need to pray against spiritual attacks.

One of the sisters, a powerful woman of faith, had been told she had to leave the next day. She was helping women there bound by the enemy, and was being forced out for no good reason.

The amount of pain and suffering that is encompassed within the walls of this shelter is palpable. The day after the flood there was a spirit of chaos stronger than I have ever seen before there.

We have met 4 times since the flood and although the last three weeks we have had to wait for the boys and girls club to clear out first, we haven’t thought it a big deal.

Last night I received this email:


The former group leader and I are praying about this today before I respond. We typically meet on Thursday nights. It is my hope that we will somehow still be able to meet tomorrow.

This morning I woke up and was considering holding the meeting at my house.

As it has been, I show up early and go around speaking with the ladies and inviting them to come. There is only one consistent attendee from the shelter, the others come and go, sometime even during the meeting.

Many don’t have vehicles. I know that myself and another group member from my church could carpool if we decided to try this route.

No doubt getting women to come to my house would be a long shot. The women can be skittish and would likely feel too confined and committed to attend this way.

In the spring we met a few times out back. There is a playground and picnic tables. Perhaps as long as the weather obliges the volunteer coordinator would give us the go ahead.

I don’t believe it’s Gods will for me to stop reaching out to these women, even for a month.

Please pray for wisdom, favor, open doors, provision, power and grace to flow into this situation in abundance.

Pray that I won’t cave to my fears that I am not up for this task, not equipped for this fight and that I can’t be much help to others because of my own messiness anyway.

Push in? Pull back?

I can feel Satan pushing me to just go with the month off. I’m sure he would like that time to lull me into an apathetic attitude about the whole assignment.

To me, the one reluctant to step into my calling, this is a crossroads.

What are you coming up against in your own life that is asking you to push in, while at the same time presenting an enticing opportunity to pull back and hit cruise control?


‘Either do, or do not, there is no try.’ -Yoda

This statement started playing in my head yesterday and then again started up this morning. I believe it is connected to what I was saying in yesterday’s post:


Prepare For Good Things!

I am praying powerful prayers this morning on my day off and including you and your families.

Prepare for good things to happen!

Love love love times like today when I am able to press in and confess, repent, ask, declare and celebrate the victory won.

Today I am specifically believing for deliverance from the things that have overstayed their welcome in lives and held people back from going to that next level of glory with God.

I pray you receive the freely given grace to release the familiar yet stagnant, power zapping, energy draining ‘thing’ from your lives once and for all.

This wave of deliverance is for something specific. It is for the thing that has been laid aside for a time only to be picked back up. You have seen what appeared to be its ending, the light at the end of the tunnel, only to become entangled once again, or thrust backwards with the lighted exit no where in sight. This cycle has happened repeatedly and over an extended period of time. You’ve almost decided this is your lifelong battle to endure.

What is coming to mind? Habit? Mindset? Relationship or relationship reactionary stronghold? Lack mentality? Toxic emotional patterns?

Whatever it is, prepare for an infusion of grace this week to move past it. Put your faith to mine. Join me in confessing ‘it is finished!’

Now, look up! Prepare for the release of blessing to be poured into the place in your life left vacant by the disappearance of that which was stealing from the life Christ died for you to have.

Can I hear an amen?


I Will Fulfill Your Deepest Desires

Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. Give me your attention.

Remove your misplaced expectations towards others and place all your expectations on Me. I alone know what it is you need at any given time and I have promised to meet all of your needs.

There is nothing in this world that will fill the void I created in you. I created you for Myself and it is in Me alone that you will find rest. The deepest longing of your heart is to be with Me; in intimate relationship and abiding with Me you will have passionate, lasting satisfaction for your souls.

Come to Me with a thankful heart. Your attitude of gratitude will peel the scales from your eyes and you will see Me in the midst of your trials.

I am near to you always; in all things I never leave your side. I stand beside you watching your fruitless search for life outside of Me. I am with you in all things. I know your inner thoughts and am there with you time and time again as you seek solace and love apart from Me.

It hurts My heart to watch you groping around in the darkness for something to latch onto; something that will relieve the ache of your brokenness.

Time and time again you return to broken cisterns for a drink to quench your endless thirst. Why do you refuse to come to Me and drink? I will give you living water.

Drink the water I will give you and you will never thirst again.

You chase after the best that this world has to offer, seeking excitement and adventure, never comprehending that the path I call you to walk is the ultimate adventure. The story that I am writing is the only story worth spending your life for.

Do you think I don’t know what I created you for? Do you think I have not written a part for you in My story that far surpasses your fumbling efforts to make a life for yourself?

You hold on to your life, and in the process you lose not only your life, but your very self.

Do you not know apart from Me you can do nothing? Give up! Give up seeking solace in worldly pleasures. They are fleeting and bring no lasting satisfaction. Each compromise draws you further from yourself; further away from me.

I promise to provide pleasures and to satisfy your souls with good things from my overflowing storehouse of blessings. My supply never runs dry. I created you. I placed specific desires within your heart. I alone am the way to fulfill those deep desires.

Follow me and I will lead you. Drop your defenses. Abandon your pointless plans; they will only lead to your destruction. Pray for an increase of faith and for healing from the misconceptions you have held for far too long about Me.

I am good. I am love. I have your best interests at heart. Believe My words, obey My words, and you will find the life you long for.


It Is Enough To Love And Be Loved

The sound of motorists and occasional voices in conversation waft through the open window where two peaches await their ripening.

My dog lifts his nose, sniffing; incense smoke curling atop the book shelf? My brewing coffee? The smell of the coming autumn brought in by the delicate winds?

Forrest napping on the love seat.
The long couch is mine for this relaxing afternoon.


A worn copy of Jane Eyre rests in my lap, awaiting my attention;
So many good blogs have pulled it away.


Two morning grocery runs aside,
Breakfast cooked by my thoughtful son long gone, I contemplate the menu for tonight.

If you were to see my face now you’d wonder what fond memory fills my mind.

I am at peace.

A book.

A recipe.

An upcoming walk.

A friend stopping by for dinner.

A son that makes me proud.

The fulfillment of communion thrice taken: Thursday bowed heads in repentance with my son in our modest living room;
Friday night at a party surrounded by Christian friends;



This morning quietly alone with Jesus I once again ate his flesh and drank his blood.

How could I not feel I have discovered the secret of a life of contentment on a day like today?

A prayer for encouragement days ago, followed within minutes by an encouraging text.

A prompting to stop in a thrift store, leading to a gift from my sweet Husband- a much needed pair of boots-my size- marked down to $5.


I am a kept woman.

Despite my flaws I have been made to feel beautiful.

I am beautiful!

What I have to offer matters.

I matter.

I can offer the beauty that I have to God and know that it is received and appreciated.

No more rejection.

No more not good enough.

The broken body
The poured out blood
For me!

He knows me and wants me deeply and passionately still!
How could I not rest in calm delight in light of this truth?

I am a beautiful bride.
A bride in white.

Not a careless afterthought.
Not a second hand option.

I am wanted.
I am wooed.
Pursued as a one of a kind lady.

What love is this!?

I possess my fairy tale ending right here, right now, by faith.

My groom is preparing a place for me and will come back so that I can be with him where he is.

I have his sweet letters of love and promise to remind me.

My heart is united to his.
To taste his flesh and drink his blood somehow makes his physical body a close reality to me.
I will do this in remembrance.
I will do this to feel his embrace.

Cicadas begin their late summer buzzing, beckoning me out of doors
The winding creek trail calls my name.
Perhaps I’ll see the train today.


Will I climb beneath the bridge to listen to the Spirit speak?
Kick my shoes off,
dip my feet in the waters flow,
close my eyes and receive?


It is enough to love and to be loved.

It is enough.


Lead Me Not Into Temptation

I randomly pulled an old journal off a shelf last night and a word God had given me in 2010 to give to one of the elders in my former church slipped out. I knew a few sentences in that this was no coincidence.

I clearly remember God speaking this to me in prayer after I had attended a new Sunday school class that the recipient to this word, a friend of mine, was teaching.

I love how God weaves our past into our present.

Nothing in my life catches him off guard.

I pray for God to ‘lead me not into temptation.’ This is just one more way he shows me he’s got my back.

I recently began teaching a group at the local woman’s shelter and I believe that God’s word to my friend almost 5 years ago is still full of life and was strategically served back to me as a guidepost.

Prophetic Word: January 2010

I have called you to lead and have anointed you with strength and wisdom. I have given you a heart that is willing to place value on things that are eternal.

It is extremely important that you recognize, and lead others to recognize, that it is by my grace alone that you are able to resist the pull of the things of the world.

You must be conscious to root out any attitudes of criticism against others that have not reached the level of glory that I have brought you or others in the class to.

It is right and just to recognize error, and if I ask you to bring the error to someone’s attention, my anointing and power will be available to break the yoke of bondage off of the individual.

In this group that I am using you to lead, you must be quick to recognize if the conversation is turning from building up to the tearing down of My body.

Tiny seeds in the form of words spoken from a standpoint of prideful or spiritual elitist attitudes will seek to take root, hindering my power and grace from flowing down and through the ministry that I will be doing.

I am gentle and humble in heart; my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

I will be bringing people from the world that have been wounded by ‘religion’ and religious attitudes. They will be quick to recognize even slight references made that imply my Love or their value is linked to their performance.

Thank you Jesus for warning me ahead of time of possible pitfalls so that I can stand against them before someone gets hurt. Help me to die to myself and let your life flow through me. I pray that in my weakness you will show yourself strong. Help me to be full of mercy and loving kindness.

How do you respond to other believers that are not as far along in their walk with Christ?



In this video (3 min) from Elevation’s Creative team, we used the song “Unconditionally” to illustrate God the Father, and His ever-present and unwavering love for all His children.-Elevation Vimeo

Enjoy! I pray that you will experience God’s personal, unconditional love for you today.

Blooming in harsh conditions


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